Written Me

How do you capture the essence of a person in words? I could state my likes and dislikes. For example I like hiking, running and being outside. I dislike spicy foods, never ending lectures and planning. I could tell you my favorite color is red or that when I was 12 I ran my first half marathon. I could also tell you that I have known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was 3 years old and ran my own paper store like Michael Scott. Running Slade Marketing is a childhood dream come true.

There a lots of qualities that make me who I am as a person. I have always been fueled by competition which is why I enjoy running so much. I have a knack for technology. If it has an on button I can definitely learn how to work it and probably fix it. The great outdoors is where I try to spend most of my time because that’s where I am the happiest. On a warm day you will probably find me in my hammock away from the crowds. Crowds aren’t my thing. I have always been one to blaze my own path, sometimes just for the sake of doing so other, times because I see things differently than most.

My life motto has always been jump and figure out how you are going to fly on the way down. This has led to many unique experiences. It is how I met my wife. She is very much a planner but they say opposites attract and I certainly believe it. What does this all mean? Have I really created a written me? Maybe so but the only way to be sure is to meet. How’s Saturday sound?